Meet Mr. Wise Bucks

A Blog about Saving, Spending and Investing Wisely

This blog will have two primary sections:

Wise Bucks – How to save and invest for financial freedom 

Family Tales – Stories and reviews from our family travels.

We are the Manson Family! A family of five from the Atlanta, Ga area. My wife and I have 3 kids ages 28, 17, and 15. 

I’m leading with the Wise Bucks section because it’s critical to establish financial goals and discipline before even attempting to play the “points and miles” game.

I suggest having the things below entrenched in your life before focusing on points and miles.

  • Eliminate all consumer debt (debt-free except for a mortgage)
  • Have a saving and investing plan and make it automatic.
  • Have a strong track record of paying credit card bills in full every month.

Once you have these things in place you’ll find out why the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

In the Family Tales section, I’m going to share how my family is able to go on great vacations with a modest budget. Our primary means of cost-saving is using credit card reward points to earn free airline flights and hotel rooms. There are lots of websites and experts that tell you how to earn points and accumulate points. I will spend only a little time on that.  Instead, I will share examples of trips that my family has taken or am planning to take, along with the cost in points and dollars we spend.  My hope is that I will help other families up their travel game and the community will help me take my travel adventures to the next level.

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